Sunday, 25 November 2012

Egg candling with a broken big toe...

It's among how much having a broken foot affects your life! It doesn't help when your mum in the same house also has a broken foot. Hers was cat related, mine horse... Within two weeks of each other!

Anyway duties need to be done, so yesterday with blanket and torch I went out to candle my broody hens eggs. I would normally go out in the evening, but that's. bit dangerous in crutches. We already have too many broken limbs to be breaking more!

Candling is the process of checking on embryo development inside an egg. Will get photos of this as soon as I'm mobile!

So my hens have done a pretty awful job of sitting on their egg. But I have some due to hatch today so I will hobble out and check on them soon!

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