Saturday, 30 June 2012


Faverolles are my favourite chicken breed. I was introduced to them by my mum who hatched some out under a broody hen. I have to say that if she had not done this I would probably not be the fanatical chicken lady I have become! They are Faverolles with the s as they are named after a town in France which is Faverolles (not Faverolle!)

 They are a medium sized dual purpose breed, which means they lay and are good to eat. I have to say I have not eaten one of my chickens though. As a wise chicken friend told me 'you eat your own eggs and other people's chickens!'

I have the popular salmon coloured birds, which are a lovely creamy colour ranging though to a dark almost terracotta tone. Our rooster is the typical colour of dark wings and light hackles. What really sets Faverolles apart from the flock are their wonderful fluffy faces, with beards and muffs. Oh and their fluffy.

I have so far not had the most luck with my Faverolles but I am hoping this is changing! The below pair sadly passed away. I believe the young rooster was taken by a hawk and the little pullet was overcome by lost off her friend (they were the only two to hatch). They are sexlinked chicks which means that chicks show if they are male or female very early on. Roosters having black wings and pullets being a salmon sandy colour. feet! You can see from the above chicks face they are fluffy from hatch!

I now have eight breeding hens and a rooster and they are the first breed I am going to pen in spring fr breeding. I look forward to updates of baby chicks! I love them, and going out in the mornings to hear the Faverolles ladies chatting away makes my day!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Little Kristin

Just to introduce my lovely horse, Kristin. She is a rising two year old registered Clydesdale. He full registered name is Erewhon Kristin. I bought her at auction, which is not always the best way to buy a horse when you have not owned one since you were 16... But anyway I fell in love with her (even though I had not even patted her) and I had also fallen in love with the idea of having a Clydesdale. Now my evening are spent trying to catch her in the paddock! She is a rather silly little girl who is a pain in the backside to catch, but once you have her on her lead she becomes a lot easier to deal with! I have holidays coming up in a week and I will be doing a lot of work with her then. Mainly on catching, leading and being tied up, but she will also have the fun of her second farrier visit.

As you can see from the first picture she was a little bit on the skinny side when I got her. She had been living pretty much as a wild horse up on the mountains. It's a great start for a young horse to live up in the high country, but as she has not been handled much it creates a whole layer of difficulties of working with a 'young adult' horse. She has a bit of a defiant streak and is the sort of horse it will take a long time to trust but I think she will be one of those horses that will love one person (who I hope is me!). I am really looking forward to starting to break her in and one day ride her, but that is a while off yet! In the meantime I will start collecting harness for her as I am hoping to break her to harness as well as riding!

She has filled out a lot since I have had her at home, though when she is wet she suddenly looks very thin (her winter coat is pretty bloody long!) I have not given in and got her a winter cover this year. She wouldn't of had one if she was up in the hills again this winter! Even during the snow we had a couple of weeks back she was out there with nothing on. She will grow so much between now and next winter than it seems a bit silly to get her one after all horses in the wild don't have covers!

She is about 15hh at the moment but will grow quite a bit more, her bum is rather high at the moment, waiting for her next growth spurt!

I am really looking forward to spring when I can start working with her more as the days get longer. It will also be time then for my proper paddocks to have the fencing down along with getting a hitching post and wash bay sorted. Then bring on show season. I am really looking forward to getting one ribbon with her, it will mean so much to me!

Oh and I am already looking out for Clydesdale No 2... Watch this space! (I would love to breed them one day!!!)

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Well after many failed attempts at blogging I am going to have one last try. I am a 31 year old teacher, over eater, jewellery maker, poultry fan and Clydesdale owner. This will be my journeys  in crafting and horse ownership, and hopefully weight loss attempts successes.

Seeing as it's winter and I am suffering from low daylight hours I am going to finish my cuppa tea, check on my chickens and visit my Clydesdale, Kristin.

You will no doubt in time hear all about the horse and chooks!