Saturday, 30 June 2012


Faverolles are my favourite chicken breed. I was introduced to them by my mum who hatched some out under a broody hen. I have to say that if she had not done this I would probably not be the fanatical chicken lady I have become! They are Faverolles with the s as they are named after a town in France which is Faverolles (not Faverolle!)

 They are a medium sized dual purpose breed, which means they lay and are good to eat. I have to say I have not eaten one of my chickens though. As a wise chicken friend told me 'you eat your own eggs and other people's chickens!'

I have the popular salmon coloured birds, which are a lovely creamy colour ranging though to a dark almost terracotta tone. Our rooster is the typical colour of dark wings and light hackles. What really sets Faverolles apart from the flock are their wonderful fluffy faces, with beards and muffs. Oh and their fluffy.

I have so far not had the most luck with my Faverolles but I am hoping this is changing! The below pair sadly passed away. I believe the young rooster was taken by a hawk and the little pullet was overcome by lost off her friend (they were the only two to hatch). They are sexlinked chicks which means that chicks show if they are male or female very early on. Roosters having black wings and pullets being a salmon sandy colour. feet! You can see from the above chicks face they are fluffy from hatch!

I now have eight breeding hens and a rooster and they are the first breed I am going to pen in spring fr breeding. I look forward to updates of baby chicks! I love them, and going out in the mornings to hear the Faverolles ladies chatting away makes my day!

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