Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Very Naughty Blogger

Oh my I have been terrible at keeping this updated! Mainly because I got a job in January and it turned out to be pants! I was never home and being winter when I was home, it was dark! Today is day one of my new job with hours of 7:30-9 then 2:30-6 so I get daylight at home! I am planning to make the most of this time and get Etsy up and running again as it has fallen into disrepair! I also plan to sort out my chickens for spring breeding season and to finally break in my horses. Though Barney has been ridden a few times I want to get him pulling the sledge!

I have been instagramming a fair bit, but with the awful weather it's been hard (also called eksterhuis on there).

A few images from the past few weeks of rain!
 One of my beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets

 Kristin doesn't like the rain!

Barney in the flood waters!


  1. Wow I managed to find your blog! I hope you are going to be a good blogger from now on because I'd love to see your gorgeous life. We will have to catch up for tea and cakes with vintage dresses and gumboots on. So excited to hear from you! XXXX Fiona

  2. Oooooh I want to smooch Kristin's delicious soft nose!